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The Model Cure products are exclusively created with natural raw material. They contain an antioxidant called Vitamin E that allows to preserve our cosmetics while it has an anti-aging effect on the skin. 

Our products last aproximately 12 months after the purchase and they are produced in small quantities for the freshness warranty.

Like all natural or industrial cosmetics, we recommend to perform a test with 4 to 5 drops of the product applied on the inside of the elbow, in order to ensure the compatibility with your skin. Our products have a higher compatibility factor with your skin than conventional ones. However, in case of extremely sensitive skin, we recommend you to perform the test.

Your can use The Model Cure products alone or in complement of your daily routine product. However, we recommend you to use only natural products for the skin to get major benefits.

It's possible that you notice a change on your skin in a period of 3 to 4 weeks using exclusively our products or natural products in general. It is a normal effect and it is due to the fact that your skin, that has stopped working normally with the use of conventional cosmetic products is recovering its normal functions. After this period of time, your skin will have less problems facing daily aggressions, like climate changes, sun, oxidation and aging process.

The Model Cure is not responsible of the misuse of our products. Instructions are included in every single box and should be respected in order to get all the benefits of natural products. If you have any questions on the use of our products, you can click on the small letter icon on the top right corner of our page.

We recommend not to use our products on babies, toddlers, children under 8 years old as well as pets, as their skin has a different nature and won't be able to process the Essential Oils used in our products. Pregnant women should always ask a doctor before using any cosmetic products.

The Model Cure doesn't accept refunds because of the high freshness and purity standards that we manage.